the second analysis

Another agent got involved and analyzed the apk. Here is the result:

This is an Xposed module installed on a client’s device, with directly interacts and modifies the Ingress Android application.

As we can see this, this is already clearly against the Terms of Service, so lets get into the features it has.

  •  UI Tweaks – Enable Fast UI Transitions
    • Zoom Speed
    • Scanner Animation Speed
    • Camera Field of View
    • Camera Minimum Zoom
    • Network Timeout
  • Filter
    • Filter COMM (Remove Spam)
    • Hide Fields
    • Hide Links
    • Hide Keys
    • Hide Resonators
    • Hide XMPs
  • Indicators
    • Last Hack
    • Hack Notification (Sojourner)
    • Portal Info: (Hack Timer)
    • Portal Info: (Deploy Resos)
    • Portal Info: (Link+Shield Mitigation)
    • Portal Info: (Current Mods)
    • Portal Info (In/Out Links)
    • Portal Info: (Homeportals)
    • Unique Hint (Enable Unique Ring, Ornament)
    • LTP Hint (Portal age)
    • Enable HP Ring (Portal health)
    • Multi Hack Ring
    • Mission Ring
    • Can Upgrade to P8 (ring)
    • Portal Level ring
    • Glyph Sheet
    • Glyph Vibrate
    • Rename Capsules
    • Rename Keys
  • Online
    • Data-Upload Mode
    • URL Field (server)
    • Token Field (password)
    • Agent Name
  • Cache
    • Image Cache Size
    • Image Cache Mode
  • Apk Settings
    • No Vibrate
    • No Sounds
    • “Panic” button in Navigation bar (hides everything)
    • Screen stays on
  • Handshake
    • Improve Translations
    • Rename Agent (Play as one, screen shows another)

As we can see great care was taken to hide all nefarious actions with a “panic button”. Paired with the ability to upload requests to a central server, this can be used for scanner scanning which is far more accurate and detailed than intel scraping. This allows GUIDs for players and portals to be harvested.

The attached server can also send data back to the Xposed module, including the age of portals since each phone installed with this module is capable of scraping comms, thus recording the capture date of portals automatically. The more agents in a city that utilize this tool – the smarter this becomes.

This is far more than scraping due to the client modifications of aiding with glyphs, renaming capsules and renaming portal keys. The module can additionally lay ornaments (The rings around portals at anomalies) over portals that require upgrades, uniques and random details like whether the portal can be upgraded to L8 by the agent actions.

Additionally, the module has the ability to filter comms removing spam, hiding links & fields and hiding details like resonators, keys & xmps. It is assumed that these are to get around client limits of fire limits due to the ability to also speed up animations. This paired at an anomaly or even regular gameplay is a gross misconduct of cheating.

Great care was taken to remove any identifying information from this Xposed module. URLs and access keys must be entered manually, so each “region” can spawn its own regional scraper to lessen the exposure of the tool.